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Essential Services to Senior Citizens

An initiative that promises to provide one-stop solution to senior citizen

Sencicare started with a positive intent to play a transformational role in the geriatric sector by focusing on critical gap areas to create an empathetic ecosystem and addressing needs of elderly senior citizens, and of their family who care for them.

We provide solutions for day-to-day needs like grocery, veg and non-veg items, medicines & pathological tests at the doorstep of enrolled senior citizens. Besides these, subscribers can avail a number of complimentary hand-holding digital services, like booking a taxi or an ambulance, help join social media or virtual meetings, online shopping for food or household materials and much more.

Regain a sense of dignity and security at the comfort of your home

With a strong emphasis on compassionate care, professionalism, and customer satisfaction, Sencicare aims to make a positive impact on the lives of those they serve.

24x7 Support

Trusted Care Managers

Personalised Service

Complete Care


A complete care solution
for Indian parents

At Sencicare, we help senior citizens with a personalised care plan, carefully tailored to your every need! From seniors who are fit and independent, to those who require closer attention, we ensure that our offerings are designed to reflect their uniqueness!

Say Yes to Life 2.0

Doorstep services to assist senior living now available in Bhubaneswar & Cuttack.

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Mr. Arun Mohanty Retd. General Manager in-charge, SAIL

I have travelled many countries. I have seen there elderly people are living more happily than younger one. The reason is they do have ones stop solution facilities available in their cities. I am very glad to know that SenCiCare has come up with this innovative one stop solution exclusively for senior citizens in Bhubaneswar city. This is going to help senior adults in the city in long run, specifically whose children are living out of the city. I wish SenCiCare all the best for their future success.

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Mr. R. C. Das Formers CGM, RBI, Mumbai

I am very happy to know that SenCiCare is coming up with one stop solution exclusively for Senior Adults. This is a very much need in the society considering children’s are mostly nowadays working out of the city. If SenCiCare can focus on quality services, it will surely emerge as a successful enterprise. I wish SenCiCare for their success.

Say Yes to Life 2.0

Doorstep services to assist senior living now available in Bhubaneswar & Cuttack.

We are your extended family. Confide in us. Nothing is small or silly, when it comes to the safety and security of your elderly living